Work at the Newark Cultural Arts Center

Do you have a skill or passion you can share with others? We’re always looking to add new instructors to teach classes and workshops we don’t already offer.


Professional Calligraphy Instructor for our 8 week term classes. This position is open to professional calligraphers with teaching experience. Please contact us by email using the link at the bottom of the page.

If you’ve got an idea for teaching a class or workshop that isn’t listed, please let us know as we’re always open to ideas!

Classes are held once a week in 8 week blocks, and last for 3 hours. Classes are be capped at 15 students in order to maximize individualized instruction time.

-Can’t commit to an 8 week class? Consider teaching a workshop. Workshops are held for only one to three days (2-16 hours).

Applicants are encouraged to call: 614-216-1607 for more information. Resumes, including cover letter, pictures of student work, and class syllabus can be sent to:

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